Cathy and Jerome met more than 35 years ago in a small village in Normandy called Domfront.

They were both young and passionate, one by gastronomy: Jérôme, and Cathy by styling and fashion. They naturally decided to go to Paris and realized their dream.

At 24 years old, Jerome integrates Jean Pierre Vigato’s cuisine at Apicius, a 2 stars Michelin restaurant. He started as a party chef and quickly became the direct right hand of the head Chef.

After several years pursuing their respective dreams, Cathy and Jerome decided to develop a common project. They combined their professional know-how with common values integrating art and cuisine delicacy.

In 2002, they decided to open their own business with the idea to pay tribute to their Normand origins and French gastronomic codes.

The family tavern adventure began.

It is together that the couple creates and sources the product with the aim to offer a special moment to their guests.

Their credo: The pleasure of pleasing you

Their credo:
The pleasure of pleasing you

Art of receiving is essential for Cathy and Jérôme, they treat each of their guests as unique and pay attention to every detail in order to share a real moment of conviviality and gluttony.

Don’t be surprised to meet Chef Jérome Gangneux in the dining area, giving you the opportunity to share your expectations and experiences.

Respecting the Parisian family own tavern principles: kindness, charm and exquisite cuisine will be at the “rendezvous” for you.

Cathy et Jérôme Gangneux
Jérôme Gangneux
Jérôme Gangneux
Cathy et Jérôme Gangneux

Jérôme Gangneux's cuisine

Jérôme Gangneux's cuisine

Jérome’s cuisine can easily be defined as creative mainly inspired by its Normand origins.
Among other, you’ll appreciate his coast Lobster cooked as a “pot-au-feu” with black sesame or his famous crispy and soft sweetbread.
Coming to 6 New York will also allow you to travel into Jérome’s childhood by tasting his cuisine. Enjoy his traditional black truffle shepherd’s pie or his Mother Micheline’s milk rice and pink pralines French toast.
Jerome Gangeux’s recipes really are the balance between tradition and modernity.

Jérome and Cathy invite you to a gastronomic travel
combining excellence, modernity and Normand’s roots.